BMCS courses

The courses offered in the current academic year 2019-2020 and designed for the XXXV series are listed below. Students enrolled in the past series can attend these courses, but for them the attendance rules valid in their own series apply.
Each link below leads to the course syllabus and Moodle site. The courses are organized into four types:  M = Mandatory, OI = Optional Interdisciplinary, OV = Optional Vertical Theme, OT = Optional Transferable Skills.

In addition:
- a TABLE view (updated on Oct 29 2019) with course length, schedule and validity can be downloaded as a pdf;
- a calendar constantly updatred of all BMCS teaching activities is available;
- attendance rules and enrollment method for the XXXV series are explained at this link.

Course list

[M] Methodological foundations and statistics in cognitive science
[M] Foundations of cognitive neuroscience
[M] Design and evaluation of ehealth interventions
[M] Human-computer interaction
[M] How to write and present scientific results
[M] Tools and applications of machine learning
[M] Scenarios of Internet of things

[OI] Legal, ethical and societal issues in ICT
[OI] Principles of computational creativity
[OI] Hyperconnected world: Opportunities and challenges
[OI] Introduction to meta-analysis: Theory and pratice
[OI] Digital and serious games

[OV] Explainable Machine Learning
[OV] An introduction to recurrent neural networks
[OV] Process mining
[OV] Temporal logic in AI
[OV] Trends in infants development research
[OV] Methodology of research in metabolism and exercise physiology
[OV] Neurodevelopmental disorders: Genes, brain, cognition and possible remediation and  prevention by video games
[OV] Introduction to program verification
[OV] Models and languages for concurrency

[OT] Computer-assisted research
[OT] Advanced presentation tools
[OT] MatLab PsychToolbox
[OT] Entrepreneurship
[OT] Proposals writing and grants

The offer is completed by an online English course and by an English test at the beginning of the third year.

We also point your attention to the following courses, which might be of interest to BMCS students:
- Entrepreneurship and Technology-based Startups 2020 Prof M. Muffatto, Ing. F. Ferrati, Dept. of Industrial Engineering (Moodle page)
- High level programming (phyton) prof M. Zanetti (master degree course, not valid for the 150 hrs)