Ahmad Hassan

Ritratto di Ahmad Hassan

Computer Science for Societal Challenges and Innovation, XXXVIII series
Grant sponsor

Marie Sklodowska Curie COFUND Project "UNIPhD"

Mauro Conti

Anna Spagnolli

Project description
In order to make CAVs travel safer, this industry must be protected from cyber-attacks. We will deploy a dome of multiple protective layers around data-sharing nodes. The work will cover (i) the internal security of vehicles, (ii) vehicle-to-infrastructure security layers, and (iii) the security of vehicles under platoons. We will distinguish our work by leveraging existing expertise in data and privacy protection and build a strong foundation for CAVs security. We will focus on three different aspects. (i) cyber-attack development and protection mechanism, (ii) enabling technical methods to ensure service continuity and, (iii) threat identification mechanism to protect user’s track and trace.