Luca Simoni

      Ritratto di Luca Simoni

Neuroscience, Technology and Society, XXXVII series

Antonio Paoli



Project description
The high variability of factors affecting recovery such as psycho-physical condition, age, Training level, Nutritional status, Hydration, lifestyle, inflammation and other forces us to approach the concept with a multisystem approach that takes into account these many variables and the various metabolic pathways that are activated. Assuming that recovery, both after endurance activity and after endurance training, requires adequate availability of substrates and sufficient rest, and taking for granted that over the years some supplements have been identified successfully effective in supporting the post-WO phase, the goal of the PhD program is to test other active ingredients. These active ingredients may act on: - already known cellular targets but with different mechanisms of action - cellular targets different from those normally in use The guideline for the pathway is to cross-reference all supplements that are shown to be effective with each other to create synergistic effects, thus increasing feedback. Among the principles that will be tested there are: Phosphatidic Acid (PA) or other phospholipids and Pyrrole Quinoline Quinone (PQQ).