Detailed project information

HIT Scientific Coordinator: Prof. Luciano Gamberini
Partners: Human Inspired Technology Research Centre (HIT - University of Padova), FDA srl, Materia Prima+ srl., Fenice Green Energy Park

Official website: REATTI-VAIA 

A landscape of 41,000 hectares that mainly involves the area of the Dolomites of three different regions and the Venetian pre-alps, was largely destroyed in 2018 due to a strong storm named Vaia. According to estimates, 42 million trees have been felled.  

Many have mobilized to reuse this huge amount of felled timber, saving it from decay.

Reatti-Vaia project aims to create a prototype of a sustainable and omeo-dynamic building based on innovative assembly techniques, reactive materials and wood recovered from Vaia storm, in the context of circular economy and industry 4.0.

Due to the design of the company FDA Srl, the certified wood of Vaia will be recovered within a short time. 

Before nature moves toward a process of decomposition, this certified timber will be used in a construction process that will bring liquidity and solidarity to a compromised land and will make it accessible to all-natural buildings.

The prototype will be built at the Fenice Green Energy Park in Padua, which will see the structure built thanks to prefabricated walls. 

The contribution of HIT in this great project consists in the analysis of the perception of comfort and the assessment of the living experience in the houses built with these innovative methods.

The peculiar feature that makes it part of the intelligent specialization related to the "sustainable living" is given by the implementation of the felled material of the Vaia for the structure of the building with reactive materials (quarrymen, magnesite, zeolite) with dynamic and active properties for the construction of walls, roof and parts of the ground.

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