Never as today people need to be able to work from anywhere with any device and, and the possibility of doing this in absolute safety determines a lot of consequences, including reliability, consumer satisfaction, reputation, company’s positioning and much more.
The crucial requirement is to defend your network from threats, wherever they are.
The project aims to investigate and develop secure and privacy aware solutions for provisioning secure mobility in Information Centric Networking (ICN) networks.
In ICN networks, typical mobile scenarios include both consumer and producer as mobile entities. Existing techniques supporting both consumers and producers mostly ignorerelated security aspects.
The goal of this project is to analyze security and privacy issues for producer and consumer mobility between as well as within Autonomous Systems (AS).
As connectivity increases on one side offers us many services, on the other exposes us to considerable risks. For this reason, attention is increasingly addressed towards ensuring sense data safeguarding.
There is no growth without security and there is no safety without the help of cutting-edge technologies.
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Project Start Date: 1st November 2016
Project Duration: 2 years
Project Coordinator:  Mauro Conti
Project number:  CG#707116
Total Project Funding: 100.000,00 USD
Partners:  Cisco System Inc.
Official website: Site
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